Enova Conference

Enova Conference 2020

28.- 29. January 2020 Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim

Ten crucial years

2020 marks the beginning of a very important decade. By 2030, Norway and Europe should have cut emissions by 40 per cent at the same time as the transition to the low-emission society must be in full swing. How can these two demanding goals be united? Do they go hand in hand or can the hunt for rapid emission cuts stand in the way of the major changes a low-emission society requires of us?

What are the choices that ensure we reach both goals? Where is it important that we do not make mistakes? What technological and social innovations must we see in the next 10 years in the transportation sector, in construction and industry, energy systems and among consumers?

Where do companies need to be in 2030 to be equipped for the low-emission society? What are the trends that will characterize the various markets, and what will be the consequences for companies that do not keep up with developments? And what must we do in 2020?

Each year, the Enova Conference brings together 800 participants from the private business and public sectors. Set aside time for next year's conference now.

Welcome to Trondheim in January 2020!