Svend Brinkmann

Prof. i allmennpsykologi og kvalitativ metode, Aarhus Universitet

Svend Brinkmann is a Danish Professor of Psychology in the Department of Communication and Psychology at Aalborg University, Denmark. He serves as a co-director of the Center for Qualitative Studies. His research is particularly concerned with philosophical, moral, and methodological issues in psychology and other human and social sciences. In recent years, Svend Brinkmann has been studying the impact of psychiatric diagnoses on individuals and society.

From 2006 to 2009, Svend Brinkmann was employed as an assistant professor in social and personality psychology at the Department of Psychology and Behavioral Science at Aarhus University. Following his tenure at Aarhus University, Svend Brinkmann became a Professor with specific responsibilities at the Department of Communication and Psychology at Aalborg University. In 2010 he was appointed professor in general psychology and qualitative methods, which is his current position.