Preheating chamber for cold metal at Hydro Husnes

Hydro is considering building a preheating chamber for cold metal at the Husnes casthouse. The preheating chamber will utilize exhaust fume gas from the casting furnaces to preheat cold metal to approx. 300oC, thus recycling excess heat and save energy (natural gas). The plan is to have the preheating chamber in full operation from May 2020. Based on concept design, initial modelling and assessments, the reduction in energy consumption is estimated to be around 214 kWh/t cold metal with a preheating chamber based on recycling heat from flue gas. In the Hydro Husnes strategic plan the total production volume will be 208?000 mt in 2021, of which 27?000 t is cold metal (external cold metal and internally recycled cold metal). The total reduction in energy consumption can then be estimated to 214 kWh/t * 27?000 mt *0,9 efficiency factor= 5,17 GWh/year. The corresponding reduction in CO2 emission (due to reduced usage of natural gas) can be estimated to approx. 1040 mt/year. The total budgeted cost is 17,6 MNOK. Hydro is applying for 26% support from Enova (4,59 MNOK). Hydro will finance the remaining cost.


Sør-Norge Aluminium AS