About Enova

About Enova

Enova SF is owned by the Ministry of Climate and Environment and contributes to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, development of energy and climate technology and a strengthened security of supply.

Publisert 5/2/2018

On the path towards a low emission society, Norway will cut emissions, and businesses must create new values. 

In order to achieve this, we must exploit Norway’s renewable energy resources effectively, and we must invest more in innovation and technology development. We still do not have all the solutions we will need for the low emission society. These new solutions cannot just be sustainable – they must also be financially viable.

This will not happen by itself – which is where Enova comes in.

It can be costly and risky for individual businesses to start using the newest and most climate-friendly technologies. Enova can make a financial contribution so that projects can still be implemented. Each year, Enova invests more than NOK 2 Billion of public resources in solutions that help build a green Norway for tomorrow.

Our work is far from done. We will continue to help Norway reduce greenhouse gas emissions and develop new energy and climate technology. We will still be here to help push ideas to the market and to do our part to ensure innovations increase in both scope and speed.



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Visiting address: Brattørkaia 17A, N-7010 Trondheim, NORWAY

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Some of Norway's most prominent energy advisers are available to you at our Call Center for a dedicated dialogue and correspondance from 08:30 a.m. to 04 p.m. (every weekday)

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