Our history and our mission


Enova SF was established in 2001 in order to drive forward the changeover to more environmentally friendly consumption and generation of energy in Norway.

We promote more efficient energy consumption and increased production of “new” renewable energy. 

We do this via targeted programmes and support schemes in the areas in which the greatest effect in the form of saved, converted, or generated clean energy can be documented.

Purpose and limitations

We are a public enterprise that is owned by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy; we have around 60 employees and are based in Trondheim.

Our goal is to strengthen the work in converting energy consumption and generation into becoming more sustainable, while simultaneously improving supply security.

In order to achieve this, we work closely with public and private enterprises in order to reduce energy consumption and simultaneously increase power generation from renewable sources.

Where do our funds come from?

The enterprise is financed via funds allocated from the Energy Fund. These funds must be used in as cost effective way as possible in order to achieve the goals that the authority sets for our enterprise.

The Energy Fund is financed via a small additional charge to electricity bills.

In addition, the Energy Fund has been allocated the proceeds from "The “Green Fund for Climate, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Measures”. The Green Fund’s capital this year is 35 Billion NOK, however further funds will be added in the course of next years. 5 Billion NOK will be added in 2014 and 2015.

What do we want to achieve?

We want to become the driving force in the comprehensive work to create an energy efficient and renewable Norway. We will do this via long-term work into developing markets for efficient and environmentally friendly energy solutions. These solutions will contribute to strengthening supply security, increasing the amount of renewable energy, and thus reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses.

Energy efficient homes

We support environmentally friendly energy measures in the Norwegian home, and our goal is to make it simpler for households to choose suitable, energy efficient and climate friendly solutions.

The tool we use to achieve this is primarily financing concrete energy measures and offering active advice.

We have high ambitions

We are working towards energy efficient solutions and increased consumption of renewable resources in power generation. The results we wish to achieve include the following:

Testing new methods, collecting experience and spreading knowledge

Technology development and innovation will shape the future. By promoting the development, introduction, and organization of new technologies and modern solutions, it will be possible to increase the generation of renewable energy.

We believe that an increased focus on the potential that new technologies offer to drastically reduce costs will interest well informed industry players. However to achieve this, proper understanding of the various technologies, measures and methods is vital.

In order to generate even further results, we must build upon our experiences and the results that each individual project achieves and spread this knowledge far and wide.

A well functioning market is the key to permanent change

A well functioning market for efficient and environmentally friendly solutions must be built upon healthy economic conditions. Stimulation of the demand for forward looking energy solutions will force the supplier chain into development, innovation, competence increase, and quality control. This will increase the provision of solutions for reducing power consumption and simultaneously reduce generation and process costs. This method enables multiple solutions to be implemented in ever more areas and at a lower price.

In addition, both volume and experience will increase in proportion with innovation, conversion, and energy savings.

Insight, understanding and usefulness can change Norwegians’ behaviour

Significant changes to behaviour often occur on the basis of new, fundamental understanding. By spreading knowledge of today’s many potentials to adopt efficient, environmentally friendly energy solutions, and the positive results each individual can achieve, it will be possible to motivate smarter behaviour.

We believe that by making available up-to-date, correct information, including by demonstrating good examples and experiences, Norwegians will be able to make permanent changes to their attitude and behaviour with regards to their own energy consumption.


Open Enova SF Annual Report 2015 from the thumbnail photo below, or go to www.enova.no/results2015

Appendix from the Annual Report 2015

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