Anthony Abbots

Director Group Sustainability, ROCKWOOL Group

Anthony Abbotts has been leading and driving the global sustainability agenda in the ROCKWOOL Group since 2016. Sustainability is a strategic priority for ROCKWOOL steered by ten of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), that the Group has committed to. Anthony is responsible for driving progress within these ten SDGs by maximizing the positive impact of its products and minimizing the negative impact of its manufacturing facilities worldwide.

He has broad global experience within sustainability in business and the public sector working within this area for over 25 years. He has held various positions in Manchester City Council, Environmental NGOs, Coloplast and the Danish consultant house COWI. As a consultant Anthony supported over a number of years the environmental regulatory authorities in Latvia, Lithuania and Romania in their environmental approximation as part of adopting the entire acquis communautaire into its national legal order. Anthony was also House consultant for Intel’s European operations for a period of six years.

Anthony holds a BA (Hons) in Urban Planning from University of West of England and a MSc in Environmental Planning from Roskilde University. He is an External Lecturer at Copenhagen Business School and External examiner at Roskilde University."