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The PILOT-E scheme is a funding scheme for the Norwegian business sector launched as a collaboration between the Research Council, Innovation Norway and Enova SF.

Fast track from concept to market

The objective of the scheme is to promote more rapid development and deployment of new, environment-friendly energy technology products and services to help to reduce emissions both in Norway and internationally. Calls for proposals under the PILOT-E scheme are targeted towards specific societal challenges, and the scheme is a good fit for larger consortia that address complex challenges ranging from research activity to commercial realisation. PILOT-E is designed to follow up participants throughout the entire technology development pathway – from concept to market.

From concept to market
The PILOT-E scheme offers a “fast track from concept to market”, where consortia of two or more companies:
• Submit a single application for support, describing the entire technology development pathway, i.e. up to the point where the solution is ready for its initial commercial use;
• Receive a coordinated funding decision 
• Receive close follow-up and effective coordination between the Research Council, Innovation Norway and Enova SF. 

End-customers planning to utilise the new solution may qualify for investment aid from Enova SF. The PILOT-E administration will provide clarification and guidance activities until an adequate decision-making basis is in place. 

A PILOT-E project must: 
• encompass the entire pathway from research to full-scale demonstration of new concepts or innovative solutions under real operating conditions
• have a plan for a development pathway leading to market introduction, and have measurable milestones that form the basis for a funding allocation from the PILOT-E scheme (funding for projects that do not achieve the agreed milestones may be terminated)
• fall within the thematic priorities presented in each call
• establish a steering group of three to five participants, including a representative of the anticipated customer/end-user

Applicants must substantiate in advance that they have adequate financial security to provide their portion of the funding. Funding type and the level of aid will be determined within the boundaries of the state aid rules and may be further limited by the manner of notification for the aid instruments used. Therefore, the level of aid and type of funding may change during the course of the project.

The first call for proposals under the PILOT-E scheme was issued in 2016. Calls under the scheme have targeted the following thematic areas: 
• Zero-emissions maritime transport  
• Zero-emissions land-based goods transport 
• The energy system of the digital age 
• Zero-emissions maritime transport 2.0 
• Sustainable industrial processes for the future  
• A zero-emissions hydrogen value chain 
• Zero-emissions construction and facilities 

Contact information:
Trond Moengen
Programme secretary
Tlf. +47 952 73 220

Katrine Wyller
Special advisor ENERGIX
Tlf. +47 930 99 024

Tor Mühlbradt
Special advisor
Tlf. +47 958 58 599

Anita Fossdal
Senior advisor
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